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Owner and Enrolled Agent, MN Tax And Business Services PLLC​
I am Manasa Nadig, enrolled to practice and represent clients with the Internal Revenue Service. My college majors are in Accounting & Commerce. 
I have been in the business of Tax Preparation & Tax Planning since 1999. My experience at a leading tax franchise company and many CPA Firms has given me the broad range of expertise needed to handle any individual or non-publicly held  business entity's tax, accounting, book-keeping and representation needs. 
I use state of the art, professional software solutions to serve my clients efficiently. I am a member of the National Association of Enrolled Agents and the 2018-2021 Board Member of the Michigan State Association of Enrolled Agents. These memberships require that I stay up-to-date on tax laws and information by continuing my professional education. While the minimum CPE requirement is 24 credit hours per year, I take an average of 100 credit hours of classes every year to further increase my expertise.
When I am not helping my clients succeed in their goals, I can be found involved in various projects in the community.
I have been married since 1994 and my husband & I have two wonderful children.


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"A similar [fraudulent IRS] letter received in mid-August by a client of Manasa Nadig, an enrolled agent who prepares taxes in Canton, Mich., demanded $795. “It almost fooled me, until I checked it out,” she said."

The New IRS Email Scam Coming to Your Inbox
Laura Sanders, The Wall Street Journal



Services include:


  • Year Round Tax Planning and Tax Preparation for Individuals

  • Expat Tax Preparation and Filing

  • Offshore Financial Assets Tax Compliance

  • Filing for Delinquent Years and Undisclosed Accounts

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Services include:


  • Year-Round Tax Planning and Preparation for Business

  • Cross Border Taxation (Business)

  • New Business Entity Services

  • Cross Border Business Support Services.

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Services include:


  • Retirees Abroad or Planning to Retire Abroad

  • Pre-Immigration/Expatriation Planning

  • New to the U.S. or Residents On Visas

  • Cross Border Taxation Services.

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"Manasa appears to tirelessly seek to inform through the written word, which in and of itself speaks volumes to a passion to make a difference for others. Frequently an EA is only seen for the tax preparation capability, the hand of the tax preparer. Authoring my own posts allows me to appreciate the heart and the mind of Manasa. It is my sincere hope everyone can see beneath the veneer and recognize the time effort and desire to serve required, to conceive, research, and bring in to reality helpful information for others to use. Manasa is more than a tax preparer, I'm certain of it."

- S.M.