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Using the form linked below, send in a few sentences or a short paragraph on your experience with MN Tax & Business Services.

While the form asks for your name and email, all testimonials will be posted anonymously, unless the otherwise specified.

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"I had approached Manasa around the year 2012 to get some help on my personal and business tax filings. It was a cold call through an ad. As soon as I had the first meeting I was pretty sure that this is the person I wanted to work with. Her approach, organization and the willingness to go the extra mile to help her clients were the things that I was impressed about. I would any day recommend Manasa/MN Tax & Business Services to anyone that needs help in both their personal as well as Business Tax Services. You can rest assured that you are in the right hands!"

Marutee Engineering Services


"PeakAlpha works predominantly with salaried professionals, with a majority of our clients in the knowledge sector space. The nature of many of their jobs requires them to relocate to the US, or to work there for short or long-term projects. While we manage their Indian portfolio, we needed the expertise of a recognized entity in the US to guide them through their US taxes as well as well as the tax implications of their Indian investments in the US. There are very few people with such a high level of proficiency in this space and we are fortunate to have an exceptional professional like Manasa assist our clients. Our client swear by her expertise and we are delighted that they are delighted!"



"Manasa Nadig has been my colleague and business partner since 2011. She has been a great asset for our business. She is a very hard worker, and she’s very thorough. In addition to being an expert in US and Michigan taxes, she has developed an in-depth knowledge of US taxes for resident and non-resident aliens. I have all the trust in the world in her work and in her character."

Kay Harris, CPA

Manasa's Business Partner

"I heard about Manasa Nadig, EA through the Pastel Plymouth community / Instagram. I approached Manasa Nadig because I was looking for someone who could help me launch my business that had the same modern-thinking, entrepreneurial mindset that I did - not your typical suit-and-tie, stuffy agent (because that’s not me!) Manasa seemed like that person to me, thanks to her blog, her online community engagement, and her participation in the Pastel Community. 
She helped me by guiding me through the LLC and EIN process and helping me to get my business established. The result was the creation of my new business, Mulligan’s Pro Shop, and the guidance and education I need to move forward with it successfully. One thing I liked was her she made me comfortable throughout the process and made sure I understood every step we were taking - actually taking the time to educate me, not just check the boxes. I found the experience helpful and inspiring. 
I would recommend MN Tax & Business Services to people who need help getting their new business of the ground.  I would recommend Manasa for any woman entrepreneur who is looking for help and guidance in the modern #girlboss world. You’ll be in good hands.

Mulligans Pro Shop

no background_mulligan logo.jpg

"Manasa has been very helpful with our taxes. Especially with our corporate taxes. Her attention to details and patience with her client is commendable. Her turnaround time is quick too and extremely through and provides top notch work. Very professional. I have recommended Manasa to a few of my friends and all had the exact same experience as we did. With the technology she uses in her services it makes it easier to do taxes. If you are looking for quality work coupled with professionalism and through I highly recommend Manasa."

Cascades Orthopedics Rehabilitation Services

"I approached Manasa Nadig because we needed a reliable and efficient tax consultant with in-depth knowledge of tax laws and their implications. She helped me by not only taking the stress out of tax preparation with timely and accurate filing but was proactive in providing the needed financial forms for college submission. The result was that we became Manasa’s life long clients!

I liked was her professionalism and found the experience both relieving and satisfying. I would recommend MN Tax & Business Services to people who need tax preparation and payroll services.
Manasa is a friendly individual with admirable character. We like her no-nonsense attitude towards her professional commitments. She walks the extra mile to make sure things are done the right way!

Ajay and Padmaja Mulpur

"I got in touch with Manasa to help set up a 501 (c)(3) for a non-profit started by my son. I am generally pretty good at figuring stuff out and have set up an S-Corp on my own, but the legal process for this was pretty intimating. Manasa made the process effortless. In 35 days my incorporation papers were in my hand. She is smart, personable, savvy and very accomplished. She responded to every query promptly, guided me through the paperwork and did the needful. Her professionalism and friendly approach are a cut above
the rest. Six stars out of 5!"

Vidya Krishnan

"I approached Manasa Nadig because I needed help filing my taxes. I am an expat settled in India, so it was very important to me that she be able to work with me remotely. She helped me by handling everything very professionally and explaining everything to me in detail. She was very knowledgeable about how my US taxes were affected by the taxes I paid abroad and helped me coordinate between the two.
The result was my taxes were filed on time and when needed she got me an extension so that my India taxes were paid before the US taxes and I could get a deduction for the same. One thing I liked was her professionalism and the support she extended to a complete financial novice like me I found the experience fantastic. I haven’t asked anyone else to file my taxes ever since she started working with me.
I would recommend MN Tax & Business Services to people who need professional, competent services for filing their taxes. Earlier I used to feel anxious and lost whenever the date for filing my taxes approached. Now I know Manasa will handle things and everything will go off without a hitch. She has given me peace of mind!


Anonymous Client

"I approached Manasa Nadig because we need someone who could help us navigate the disclosure of foreign income while filing US tax returns.  We needed someone who understand foreign as well as US tax requirements.
She helped me by letting us know the requirements for disclosing foreign income and assets and making sure that we are filing the federal, state and city returns accurately. The result was we were so impressed by her and diligent approach. One thing I liked was her that she spent time to understand client requirements and provide guidance that was compliant as per law.
I found the experience dealing with her, very pleasant.  The tax estimates that she provides in beginning of the year is usually fair and helps us plan to taxes over the year. At the time of filing the return, we did not have to deal with unexpected changes to the tax amount.
I would recommend MN Tax & Business Services to people who need tax service especially if they have unique requirements like foreign income, audit etc. More importantly, it is always a pleasure deal with Manasa. 


Anonymous Clients

"Manasa appears to tirelessly seek to inform through the written word, which in and of itself speaks volumes to a passion to make a difference for others. Frequently an EA is only seen for the tax preparation capability, the hand of the tax preparer. Authoring my own posts allows me to appreciate the heart and the mind of Manasa. It is my sincere hope everyone can see beneath the veneer and recognize the time effort and desire to serve required, to conceive, research, and bring in to reality helpful information for others to use. Manasa is more than a tax preparer, I'm certain of it."

Stephen Mead, EA

Testimonial via LinkedIn

"Manasa is a very professional and customer orientated individual. While working together, she was a good source of information regarding the operations of a Tax Firm that an IT professional like me was not familiar with. She always provided our customers with the correct answer, or recommended a better way of getting the results they were looking for. It was a pleasure working with her and would be an honor to have that opportunity again!"

Brian Barbe

Testimonial via LinkedIn

"Manasa is a very knowledgeable tax consultant. She is very competent and detailed oriented in her job. I would hire Manasa to do my tax work anytime."


Anonymous Client

"It is always a great pleasure to work with Manasa for last 4 years, takes everything as a challenge and gets done on time and accurately. she is a great asset to the company."


Anonymous Colleague

"We have known Manasa for more than a decade. She has prepared our taxes for several years. Her in depth knowledge on different aspects of taxes is amazing and she keeps all information very confidential. I will recommend Manasa for any tax consultant service to anybody in any state. More than anything, her polite and humble nature makes us feel like a family member. "

Rajan Ganesan

Testimonial via LinkedIn

"I have had the opportunity to personally work with Manasa on many occasions on multiple tax and and accounting related issues, over the past few years, (and will continue to do so) and she has always delivered for me. She is a diligent and detailed, with the strong ability to problem solve quickly and accurately. She is a also a good team player that listens to others suggestions and works through the difficult issues, never wavering from the true tax and accounting professional she is. All in all, she is a great asset to have on your side, especially at tax time."


Anonymous Client

"Manasa brings a high level of dedication and professionalism to her work. She excelled in her role at Thomson Reuters, quickly mastering the position and serving as a mentor to others. Manasa has a unique ability to understand technical detail without losing the big picture."

David Dixon

Testimonial via LinkedIn

"Manasa has prepared our taxes in the past. She is extremely diligent in her tax analysis and maintains the standards of professional conduct. She is highly knowledgeable about Individual Income Taxes and takes the time to go into detail and makes sure we get the best returns. Her professionalism yet friendly approach makes her easy to work with. I would recommend her to anyone in need of accurate and timely tax advice."

Reshma Harithsa

Testimonial via LinkedIn

"Manasa has been filing our taxes from last 8 years and service provided is awesome. Very thorough in what she does. I have recommended Manasa to my friends and they share similar feedback. We always appreciate the timely response Manasa provides to general tax questions. We used the MN tax Portal this year and loved it. Very good communication tool and user friendly and its very useful during this Pandemic times to avoid any personal trips to drop or pick the documents. Thanks Manasa."

Venkat & Madhavi

"Manasa was very through and a great listener getting up to speed on my complex filing situation. She found some things that had been missed in the past and went the extra mile to call on my local and county returns - which were confusing in the past. Together we were able to put a good plan together for future years."

Tracy Pratt-Savage

Stays & Visits, LLC

"In 2013 I needed a person to do my FBARS and found Manasa through the internet. I still am grateful that I did. She immediately made me feel extremely comfortable and I have been working with her for all my taxes ever since. I recommend her to everyone who is looking for the professional person that she is and more. Reading through the testimonials I cannot find better words to recommend her than to say I agree with all of them. She is not only professional, pleasant, knowledgeable, but she also became like a family member to me."

Ria Tops

"My wife and I have been working with Manasa for over four years now. She has been a trusted ally in helping us navigate all the changes to the Federal and State tax laws. It is extremely confusing and she does an excellent job of helping break it down."

Michael Minelli

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