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"I had approached Manasa around the year 2012 to get some help on my personal and business tax filings. It was a cold call through an ad. As soon as I had the first meeting I was pretty sure that this is the person I wanted to work with. Her approach, organization and the willingness to go the extra mile to help her clients were the things that I was impressed about. I would any day recommend Manasa/MN Tax & Business Services to anyone that needs help in both their personal as well as Business Tax Services. You can rest assured that you are in the right hands!"

                                - Marutee Engineering Services 


"PeakAlpha works predominantly with salaried professionals, with a majority of our clients in the knowledge sector space. The nature of many of their jobs requires them to relocate to the US, or to work there for short or long-term projects. While we manage their Indian portfolio, we needed the expertise of a recognized entity in the US to guide them through their US taxes as well as well as the tax implications of their Indian investments in the US. There are very few people with such a high level of proficiency in this space and we are fortunate to have an exceptional professional like Manasa assist our clients. Our client swear by her expertise and we are delighted that they are delighted!"

                                                   - PeakAlpha


“I approached Manasa Nadig because we need someone who could help us navigate the disclosure of foreign income while filing US tax returns.  We needed someone who understand foreign as well as US tax requirements. I found the experience dealing with her, very pleasant.  The tax estimates that she provides in beginning of the year is usually fair and helps us plan to taxes over the year. At the time of filing the return, we did not have to deal with unexpected changes to the tax amount."

- A & D

"Manasa Nadig has been my colleague and business partner since 2011. She has been a great asset for our business. She is a very hard worker, and she’s very thorough. In addition to being an expert in US and Michigan taxes, she has developed an in-depth knowledge of US taxes for resident and non-resident aliens. I have all the trust in the world in her work and in her character."

- Kay Harris, CPA

"I was looking for someone who could help me launch my business that had the same modern thinking, entrepreneurial mindset that I did- not your typical suit-and-tie, stuffy agent (because that's not me!). Manasa seemed like that person to me, thanks to her blog, her online community engagement, and her participation in the Pastel Community. I would recommend Manasa for any woman entrepreneur who is looking for help and guidance in the modern #girlboss world. You'll be in good hands."

- Mulligan's Pro Shop

"Manasa has been very helpful with our taxes. Especially with our Corporate taxes. Her attention to details and patience with her client is commendable. Her turnaround time is quick too and extremely through and proves top notch work. Very professional. I have recommended Manasa to a few of my friends and all had the exact same experience as we did. If you are looking for quality work coupled with professionalism and through I highly recommend Manasa at MN Tax Solutions."

- Cascades Orthopedic Rehabilitation Services

"I would recommend MN Tax & Business Services to people who need tax preparation and payroll services. Manasa is a friendly individual with admirable character. We like her no-nonsense attitude towards her professional commitments. She walks the extra mile to make sure things are done the right way!"

- Ajay and Padmaja Mulpur

“Manasa Nadig came highly recommended, and helped with filing my taxes and answering many questions. Her service is worry-free and you know you are in good hands. She is very knowledgeable, patient, easy-going, and professional. I would recommend her for any tax related services."

- R.G.

"I approached Manasa Nadig because I needed help filing my taxes. I am an expat settled in India so it was very important to me that she be able to work with me remotely. She helped me by handling everything very professionally and explaining everything to me in detail. She was very knowledgeable about how my US taxes were affected by the taxes I paid abroad and helped me coordinate between the two. I found the experience fantastic. I haven’t asked anyone else to file my taxes ever since she started working with me."

- N.W.