Worldwide US Tax Compliance Assistance

The global business world is increasingly becoming smaller, there are many who travel abroad & stay there for extended periods of time. If that description applies to you, your tax filing, tax due dates & other financial requirements are different from those who live in the country.


You may also qualify for Income Tax Exclusions based on the length of your stay abroad.
If you are a newcomer to the US on a work or student visa, you may be subject to different tax rules and regulations, taking into account the Tax Treaty the US may have with your country OR if you are expatriating or relinquishing your US Citizenship, you may be subject to other Tax Law compliance issues. We help you determine the correct manner of filing for U.S. taxes. 
We also help you stay in compliance with  U.S. Tax Law if you were a receiver of Gifts/ Bequests/ Inheritances from non-US citizens or covered expatriates. 
This includes filing for both Individuals or Business Entities when applicable: Form 1040NR/ Form FinCEN 114/ Form 8938/ Form 3520/ Form 5471/ Form 5472 etc.
We can help you with your cross-border taxation needs. 

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